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    736 pages: Agency Law | Civil Procedure | Community Property | Constitutional Law | Contracts | Corporations | Criminal Law | Criminal Procedure | Evidence | Professional Responsibility | Real Property | Remedies | Torts| Trusts | Wills and Intestate Succession:

  • Sample Passing Answers provided by the California Bar with permission were reformatted into a very Comprehensive Hyperlinked ebook. See how Bar Examinees address the Same Issues Similarly and Differently and still Pass the Exam. See how a Passing Answer is Organized and Proceeds Logically to a Conclusion. See what Issues are Tested on almost every Bar Exam. See what Issues have not yet been Tested.

    All California Bar Exam Essay Subjects and Issues tested from 2001 through 2008 are included in one place. Must have for California Bar Candidates, Excellent for any State Bar Exam as well.


    **Supreme Court Case Decisions through June 2016**

    Download Constitution Demo

    412 pages: Constitution of the United States | Declaration of Independence | Articles I - VII | Amendments 1 - 27 | Citations | Landmark Decisions | Modern Rulings:

  • Full text of the United States Constitution including all 27 Amendments; Supreme Court interpretation based on current and landmark decisions; Thousands of Citations and Hyperlinks; Preamble to the Constitution; Declaration of Independence.

    Download Crimes Demo

    59 pages: Common Law of Crimes: Asssault | Battery | Inchoate Crimes | Homicide | Arson | Rape | Robbery | Burglary.

    Defenses to Common Law Crimes: Defense of Land | Defense of Others | Self-Defense | Infancy | Insanity | Intoxication | Duress | Mistake | Abandonment | Entrapment |Authority of Law | Necessity.

    Download Torts Demo

    90 pages: Common Law of Torts and Defenses: Intentional Torts | Negligence | Defamation | Invasion of Privacy | Product Liability | Strict Liability.
    $15.00 Download Contracts Demo

    78 pages: Common Law of Contracts and Defenses and Remedies: Offer | Acceptance | Consideration | Real Defenses | Personal Defenses | Remedies | Selected UCC Sections.

    Download Civil Procedure Demo

    417 pages: Commencement | Service of Process | Pleadings and Motions | Joinder | Discovery | Trial | Judgment | Appendix of Forms:

  • Civil Procedure Hyperlinked is a reformatted version of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure based on the rules as published by the General Printing Office of the United States in the 2005 revision including selected notes of the Advisory Committee on Proposed Rules.

    1436 pages: Federal Jurisdiction | Venue | Organization of the Courts | Judicial Procedures | Juries:


  • Federal Judiciary Hyperlinked is a reformatted version of Title 28 U.S.C. Judiciary and Judicial Procedure based on the rules as published by the General Printing Office of the United States in the 2005 revision including selected notes.

    Download Evidence Demo

    175 pages: Relevance | Hearsay | Character Evidence | Admissibility | Objections | Judicial Notice | Presumptions | Privileges | Witnesses | Opinion Testimony | Expert Testimony | Documentary Evidence | Identification:

  • Evidence Hyperlinked is a reformatted version of the Federal Rules of Evidence based on the rules as published by the General Printing Office of the United States in the 2005 revision including selected notes of the Advisory Committee on Proposed Rules.

    Download Corporations Demo

    87 pages: Pre-Formation | Formation | Fundamental Changes | Dissolution | Director Duties | Officer Duties | Shareholder Rights | Federal Securities Acts:

  • General legal rules on the Law of Corporations and the important Federal Statutes: Securities Act of 1933, Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Williams Act. The Corporations book follows the Life-Cycle of a Corporations from pre-incorporation activities through dissolution.

    Download Bouvier Law Dictionary Demo

    Common Law Hyperlinked Dictionary | John Bouvier 1856 | Crogware Publishing 2004:

  • Bouviers Law Dictionary was one of the first dictionaries of the laws of the United States. An excellent source for Constitutional and historic legal research, the dictionary features just under 7000 legal terms and definitions. The Federal and State Constitutions and Statutes cited and paraphrased reflect the law of the United States as it stood in the 1850's. The Dictionary includes 1164 of the "more important" legal maxims, and a full list of all legal abbreviations used. This electronic edition includes the full text of the United States Constitution and all Amendments. Constitutional terms Hyperlink to the corresponding Dictionary definitions to provide a better understanding of Constitutional Law.
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    • Mnemonics (provided in the Mnemonics and Definitions Series ebooks): Mnemonics are used as a learning tool to enhance memory recall of all the Issues that must be discussed in law exams. They replace the need for a full issue outline during an exam. It is faster to recall the first letter of each issue than to write out an entire legal term. By Reciting the Mnemonics and Recalling each corresponding legal term, issues will not be missed. Common Law Rules and the Elements of each Rule are included for each subject.
    • Definitions: Each book includes the legal definition of legal terms covered in the subject. Black Letter Rules are stated in one line, followed by the elements, and important related Issues.
    • Hyperlinks: Whenever legal terms are defined in a different section, a Hyperlink is provided that can be clicked to go to that legal term, the back button returns the reader to the original section.
    • Subject Outline: Each book includes a complete Course Outline.
    • Powerful Search Capabilities: Adobe Reader has a powerful search engine that can be used to search legal terms and phrases within single or multiple PDF documents.
    • Fully Printable: Printing is enabled for all books.
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      Mnemonics and Definitions Series: Crimes; Torts; Contracts; Constitution.

      Hyperlinked Series: Corporations; Civil Procedure; Evidence; Bouvier Law Dictionary.

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